Engineered for a firm feel, balanced with ergonomic support. Perfect for those desiring cushioned comfort and a firm, supportive sleep surface.

Coil Density: Twin 648/ Full 864/ Queen 988/ King 1246

Adjustable Friendly

Custom-Milled Fabrics and Quality Covers

  • Custom-milled fabrics chosen for durability and comfort
  • Dual quilted layers create cradling comfort, added pressure relief, and improved durability

CoolingGel Visco Memory Foam

  • All the pressure-relieving properties of Memory Foam with cooling gel-infused for cooler sleep surface
  • Self-contouring and responsive, delivering ergonomic support

OmniSense Comfort Foam

  • Fast response for immediate comfort and relaxation
  • Last-lasting and resistant to body impressions

Support Sense Comfort Foam

  • Delivers a comfortable sleep surface with firm support
  • Long-lasting and resistant to body impressions

PrecisionCoil Core with 5-Zoned System

  • 5-Zoned System delivers superior ergonomic support-created with differing spring density and pre-compressed coil resistance
  • Dynamic response and motion isolation with individual movement to reduce sleep disruption

Always CertiPUR-US Certified Foams

  • Certified foams made without harmful chemicals

In-Store Price Wrangell 15” Firm