Comfort Cover with Deep Quilting

-Deeply-quilted cover for immediate soft comfort

CoolingGel Memory Foam Lumbar Support

-All the pressure-relieving properties of Memory Foam with cooling gel-infusion for a cooler sleep surface

-Self-contouring and responsive, delivering ergonomic support

OmniSense Comfort Foam

-Fast response for immediate comfort and relaxation

-Long-lasting and resistant to body impressions

SupportSense Comfort Foam

-Delivers a comfortable sleep surface with firm support

-Long-lasting and resistant to body impressions

IsoCore Support System with Edge Zoning

-Unique design ergonomically supports the body and reduces partner disturbance with zoned edge support for stability consistency

-Open design ensures airflow, breath ability and efficient heat transfer


Adjustable base compatible

In-Store Pricing 12 inch Hybrid Pocket Coil Eurotop BIB