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Do You Know Your Mattress?

Mattresses are a hot topic these days, with promises of better sleep coming from every direction. But understanding which type of mattress is right for you can be tricky if you don't understand the pros and cons of each type. So, this month we decided to break it down for you and help you shop with confidence.


Mattresses with springs inside of them have been around for more than a century but the technology has improved since your childhood mattress. Many innerspring mattresses feature a pocketed coil that helps reduce noise and allows the coils to move independent from each other. The result is more support and motion isolation and a wide variety of firmness/softness to choose from and can often be found with a "pillow top" layer of soft cushioning. Innerspring mattresses tend to be the most affordable of all mattress types.

Memory Foam

The space-age material (it was invented by NASA) is a popular choice for mattresses and is a good option for side sleepers. Press on memory foam and it will take the shape of your hand and slowly bounce back, so when you lay on the mattress it will take the shape of your body and reduce pressure points and misalignment. If you're someone who usually gets cold when you sleep, memory foam is a heat-absorbing material that will help keep your bed warmer throughout the night.

Gel Foam

A rather newcomer to the mattress industry, gel mattresses are similar to memory foam but without the heat. A gel mattress is not heat-absorbing and can actually help hot sleepers stay cooler at night, which is an important distinction. Gel foam mattresses offer the same body contour advantage of memory foam for reduced pressure points and better body alignment. These are a great option for those who sleep on their side or have back pain in the mornings.


Just like the name implies, a hybrid mattress is a combination of two or more of these types. Two common hybrid mattresses are innerspring with a memory foam top, or a memory foam mattress with a gel layer to reduce excess heat. And each type of hybrid mattress is designed to take advantage of the benefits of both materials.

So which is right for you?

Choosing the right mattress is a personal decision that only you can make but knowing all the different types—and what they really mean—can help you know where to start. That's why our in-store shopping experience is by appointment only, so we can focus on educating the customer about their needs and budget and help them make the best choice for them and not just steer them toward an expensive mattress that isn't right for them.

Think you know which one is right for you? Shop all of our mattresses online right now to find the perfect fit for your life!

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