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About Us

We Are Small

We are a husband and wife team that personally meet with our growing customer base to sell mattresses, furniture, and bedding. We oftentimes bring one or more of our four children with us to meetings. We personally market, sell, and service all aspects of the selling and follow-up process. Our doing small well approach, allows us to save a great deal of money over our larger competitors spend on over-head and marketing. We take those savings and pass it over to our customers. Our ability to deliver high quality products at low prices without gimmicks makes us an industry shaker. Our customer base grows mostly by word-of-mouth over the years as we pride ourselves in redefining what integrity in business looks like.

We Are Community

We do not view ourselves as business owners but as stewards of God’s blessings. As stewards, we do take the business seriously in wanting to maximize all we are put in charge of, but also understand the call to be community focus first. We work with numerous not-for-profits like the Salvation Army, Children’s Home, Gates of Hope, assistant living facilities, and District 150, to name a few, to help them as they serve the community. Our community focus can be seen in every detail of our business even in our product offerings.

Unlike our competitors who try to find the cheapest beginner mattress they can to simply get people in the door. Our cheapest bed is a bed we would be happy to sleep on. We search the market for a bed that adds value to anyone who purchases it. Currently, our beginner bed is a 7-inch innerspring bed in a box mattress with a 3-year warranty. It looks and feels nice. Also, we sell this bed for $95 in queen which is at cost! It is the only bed we sell at cost and we do this as a community service.


How does this help the community?

  • People with limited funds can afford a new mattress (no risk of bed bugs)

  • People with limited funds don’t have to pay for delivery (bed in box)

  • New mattress is a quality mattress made to last a few years (not just piece of foam)

  • No need to use high-interest loans or go to rent-to-own places that prey on the disadvantaged


We also do delivery for only $20 if within 20 miles of our shop (it averages out to covering gas) & free for not-for-profits.

How We Do It

Our prices are low across the board because of our simple and efficient approach to business.  We keep costs down and pass on the savings.  We don't spend very much on advertising and focus more funds on our existing customer base and referral system.  We do everything by appointment so we can keep utilities and labor to a minimum.  Doing business by appointment also allows us to save on renting a space because we do not need a prime location to operate.  

We supply beds and furniture at a large discount and with free delivery to our nation's veterans in need through the Salvation Army for central Illinois.  We also give 10% discounts to all active military and veterans outside of the Salvation Army.  We also love to contribute to Peoria Jobs Partnership as much as we are able to help give people second chances and to help eliminate poverty through employment.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to meet with you soon.  God Bless!

Meet The Team

Ryan Foster

Owner/ Sales Manager/ Marketing Manager/ Call center Manager

Mandy Foster

Co-Owner/ Office Manager/ Facebook Marketplace rock star

Right Arm

Data entry specialist/ Sales assistant/ Shipping and Receiving assistant

Left Arm

Shipping and Receiving Manager

Lizzie, Bubbie, Della & Dommie

Quality Control Officers

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