We are a small husband and wife team that started this business after losing everything in the restaurant industry in March of 2015.  Thankfully, a relative loaned us money to purchase a beginning inventory of mattresses to sell out of a 1200 sq ft space we were allowed lease for dirt cheap in exchange for cleaning and rehabbing an otherwise unusable space.  In the meantime, we avoided homelessness by being allowed to live in a relatives basement and delivering packages for FedEx to support our family until the business grew to be self-sustaining.

Our business model is derived from these humble beginnings as we try to provide a quality product for people who usually can not afford it.  The secret to our $100 beginner queen mattress with 5 year warranty  and euro-top is we sell it at cost.  We have no gimmicks, we do this because we believe everyone deserves a good night sleep.  It has worked out because years later over 60% of our customer base is existing customers and referrals.  Many of the people who needed a break like we did a few years back, now come back and get beds we make a profit on and the cycle continues.  

Our prices are low across the board because of our simple and efficient approach to business.  We keep cost down and pass on the savings.  We don't spend very much on advertising and focus more funds on our existing customer base and referral system.  We do everything by appointment so we can keep utilities and labor to a minimum.  Doing business by appointment also allows us to save on renting a space because we do not need a prime location to operate.  

We supply beds and furniture at large discount and with free delivery to our nations veterans in need through the Salvation Army for central Illinois.  We also give 10% discounts to all active military and veterans outside of the Salvation Army.  We also love to contribute to Peoria Jobs Partnership as much as we are able to help give people second chances and to help eliminate poverty through employment.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to meet with you soon.  God Bless!


Ryan Foster
Mandy Foster
Right Arm
Left Arm

Owner/ Sales Manager/ Marketing Manager/ Call center Manager

Co-Owner/ Office Manager/ Facebook Marketplace rock star

Data entry specialist/ Sales assistant/ Shipping and Receiving assistant

Shipping and Receiving Manager


Lizzie, Bubbie, &Della

Quality Control Officers

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Tel: 309-928-7179

2415 N. University Ave

Unit B

Peoria, IL 61604


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2415 N. University

Unit B

Peoria, IL 61604